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The Kenya Development Learning Centre (KDLC) is located at the Kenya Institute of Administration (


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Office of the President
Structure of government, ministerial code of conduct, handbook on governing responsibility in Kenya, functions ...

The Presidency and Cabinet Affairs,
Organizing and facilitating Government business, Overseeing the performance of Public services

Office of the Vice President
News, speeches on/by the vice president

Ministry of Home Affairs
Mission,vision,departments,strategic plan brief, snr ministry officials

Ministry of Finance
Quarterly budget review, budget speeches,budget strategy paper,bills tax remission for export office(TREO),legal notices, GFS standard items ...

Ministry of Planning and National Development
Speeches, economic recovery strategy for wealth creation,acp sugar conference,projects

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Visa forms,diplomatic missions in kenya and abroad, treaties, travel advisory, press accrediation ...

Ministry of East African and Regional Cooperation
Functions, snr officials

Ministry of Roads and Public works
Mandate, departments, snr officials

Ministry of Education
ICT trust, Press accrediation application form, Non formal education directory, workshop deliberations, policy documents, kenya schools statistics,education geographic information system, Nepad schools

Ministry of Agriculture
Agricultural policy and services, national food policy, crop production and marketing,extension services

Ministry of Livestock Development
Livestock policy, veterinary services,range production and development, livestock production and extension services

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Tourism
Tour travel, statistics and booking, news and events, speeches, press release, tourist police units, related links ....

Ministry of Information and Communication
National ICT policy,parliament acts,draft legislation, legal notices,acts, reports

Ministry of Transport

Ministry of Local Government
News, departments, snr officials

Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services

Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Articles, upcoming events, reports, speeches, water act..

Ministry of Regional Development Authority

Ministry of Energy
Sessional paper, agenda for action, speeches and statements, news bulletins, departments, energy sector recovery plan

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources

Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development

Ministry of Co-operative Development and Marketing

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

Ministry of Science and Technology

Ministry of Housing

Ministry of Youth Affairs

State Law Office
Public prosecutions,treaties and agreement,legislative draft, civil litigation, marriages, societies, trade union, complains ...

Ministry of Lands

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Trade and Industry
Background,functions,state corporations,news,bills,stamping schedule,business licensing reforms in Kenya,handbook on importing and exporting in Kenya,study of administrative barriers and other impediments to trade in Kenya, investment climate action plan,

Immigration and Registration of Persons
How to apply for Kenya Passport, Visa, permits, passes, downloads, immigration laws, faqs ....